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CSR Concept

The Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Group strives to deliver high-value products to the market, engage in business practices that give priority to environmental protection, improve its corporate value while increasing revenue, and achieve the Group's sustainable growth to meet the expectations of diverse stakeholders.

In order to develop into a corporate group that contributes to the betterment of society, and furthermore, achieve a "prosperous society that maintains a harmonious relationship between mankind and nature," the Hokuetsu Paper Group CSR Basic Regulations was established in April 2005.

The Group's basic policy on CSR activities is a manifestation of the Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Corporate Philosophy established in April 2003 and realizes this philosophy. As a responsible member of society, the Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Group is committed to economically, environmentally and socially conscious CSR activities.

The Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Corporate Philosophy

To contribute to society as a superior paper company and earn the trust of our stakeholders.

Hokuetsu Kishu Paper strives to ensure the sustainable development of the whole Group in order to contribute to the daily life culture of a sophisticated information society, and meet the expectations of all stakeholders, including customers, stockholders, trading partners, the local communities we operate in, and employees.
In order to remain an attractive value-creating paper company that contributes to society into the future, we reaffirm our Corporate Philosophy as follows:

  1. We will work to further earn the trust of our customers, stockholders, trading partners, and the local communities we operate in by upholding the law and pursuing transparent business activities.
  2. We will provide attractive products and services to meet customer needs.
  3. Through a relationship of mutual trust between labor and management, we will create a bright and vigorous corporate culture that nurtures creativity and a thirst for challenge.
  4. Through commitment to environmentally conscious management, we will strive for sustainable growth.


The Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Group is committed to continuous and highly effective CSR activities. To this end, the Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Group CSR Committee, under the direct control of the President and CEO, meets annually. The Committee oversees the Group's CSR activities, gives out instructions on the Group's policies, and inspects and checks the status of activities.

In addition, the Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Group CSR Secretariat Meeting is held biannually. The Meeting establishes detailed plans for executing the Group's policies, as well as manages the overall progress of activities related to compliance, environment, safety, information disclosure, product safety, social contribution, and more.


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