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CSR Efforts

Corporate Governance

Our top management priority is to realize long-term stable growth of our corporate value. We consider that this requires establishing a proper structure of corporate governance.

We believe that good corporate governance is achieved through fair business activities that place an emphasis on compliance as well as transparent decision-making processes. For this reason, we have established, as the first item in the Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Corporate Philosophy, "to further earn the trust of our customers, stockholders, trading partners and the local communities we operate in b upholding the law and pursuing transparent business activities."

We aim to provide quality products to all our customers, build good relationships with our customers, trading partners and local communities by coexisting with the local communities, and gain the satisfaction of all the relevant stakeholders. We seek to realize long-term stable growth of our corporate value through these efforts, and to meet the expectations of all our shareholders.

Organizational Structure of Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Structure

Compliance structure


In order to ensure organization-wide compliance with the law, and based on the Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Group Compliance Regulations, we have appointed a Chief Compliance Officer who serves directly under the President and CEO. The Chief Compliance Officer formulates and reviews compliance policies, systems, and various measures at the Compliance Officer meetings, and works to ensure the thorough implementation of compliance measures at the company-wide level through Compliance Officers in each division. In addition, we have set up a Compliance Hotline, which serves as an internal and external consultation service for all employees of the Company and its subsidiaries to discuss any compliance-related questions or doubts they may have. We stipulate that whistleblowers will not be dismissed from employment or receive any other unfavorable treatment because of anything the whistleblower reported, notified, or consulted. Furthermore, our Code of Conduct stipulates our resolution to confront antisocial forces and cut off all relationships with them. To that end, we take measures to ensure complete dissemination of this objective to all executive officers and employees of the Company and its subsidiaries. At the same time, the Group Governance Administration Department takes charge in the collection, exchange, and management of information in cooperation with external professional agencies, and works to develop an organizational response system.

Compliance structure

To Ensure All Officers and Employees are Aware of Compliance Requirements

The Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Group Compliance Handbook has been prepared and distributed to all Group officers and employees. The Handbook provides a basic code of conduct that each and every officer and employee can refer to to execute their compliance obligations, and according to the concept outlined, comply with the relevant laws, company regulations, and corporate ethics.

Based on this Handbook, intensive compliance trainings are offered to all divisions, offices, and affiliated companies. Furthermore, we have prepared compliance manuals specific to each division and mill to further outline precautions and reminders unique to each division.

In addition, we have created and distributed to all Group officers and employees the Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Group Compliance Card. The Card provides an excerpt of the key points from the Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics, rules, Hotline, and other resources to ensure and raise awareness of the Handbook and the compliance manual specific to each division and mill. All Group officers and employees are required to carry the Card with them at all times.

The Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Group will continue to fulfill its social responsibility through its business activities in accordance with the Corporate Philosophy and Code of Ethics, and further enhance and strengthen its effective compliance measures to develop continuously as a corporate group useful to society.

Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Group

Compliance Handbook

Product Quality Control

We have procedures in place to assure the quality of our products. At the time of receiving an order, under the guidance of the Quality Control Office, the customer’s quality demands, the quality design, and the production method are checked, and the product is inspected. Furthermore, in accordance with the Japan Paper Association’s waste paper blending ratio verification system, the Quality Control Office regularly conducts internal audits of the manufacturing of waste paper-pulp and other mixed products. The Group Governance Administration Department conducts audits of the overall control system from receipt of order, production, packaging, through shipping.

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