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Corporate Philosophy / Code of Conduct

The Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Corporate Philosophy
To contribute to society as a superior paper company
and earn the trust of our stakeholders.

  1. We will work to further earn the trust of our customers, stockholders, trading partners, and the local communities we operate in by upholding the law and pursuing transparent business activities.
  2. We will provide attractive products and services to meet customer needs.
  3. Through a relationship of mutual trust between labor and management, we will create a bright and vigorous corporate culture that nurtures creativity and a thirst for challenge.
  4. Through commitment to environmentally conscious management, we will strive for sustainable growth.

(Created April 1,2003; revised October 1, 2009)

Code of Conduct

Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Co., Ltd. and all Group companies will fulfil their economic responsibilities by providing beneficial products and services to society, and by carrying out their social responsibilities through business activities based on corporate ethics. Accordingly, as a means of aiming for continuous development as a corporate group of value to society, the following Code of Conduct has been formulated to be shared among all group employees and executives.

  1. Comply with laws and regulations and execute fair corporate activities
    • The Company and each Group company shall comply with laws and regulations at home and overseas in all business activities.
    • All employees working for the Group shall respect laws and regulations, social codes of conducts and socially accepted norms, and act with dignity and prudence regardless of whether they are on the job or not.
    • Leaders in the organization shall take the initiative and provide an example to others to raise awareness of corporate ethics throughout the organization.
  2. Strengthen the relationship of trust with customers, shareholders, business partners and local communities through transparent corporate activities
    • The Group shall respect fairness, justice, and transparency in all its business activities, and build relationships of trust with business partners under the principles of equality and mutual benefit.
    • The Group shall respond to the expectations of shareholders and creditors by securing appropriate internal controls and transparency.
    • The Group shall disclose information on its business activities widely to the public accurately and promptly through various public relations initiatives.
    • The Group shall upgrade the functions of its risk management system to swiftly restore business activities in cases of emergency.
    • The Group shall make various contributions to communities as a business group that develops alongside local communities.
    • The Group shall appropriately manage information, including information assets and personal information.
    • The Group shall maintain transparent and appropriate relationships with politicians and public administration
  3. Resolutely confront anti-social forces, etc., and block all contact with such forces
    • The Group shall not fear, fund, utilize, or in any other way fraternize with anti-social forces, etc.
  4. Provide attractive products and services
    • The Group shall provide environmentally friendly, high-quality, and attractive products and service to all customers of the Company and each Group company.
  5. Cultivate corporate culture with ample creativity and spirit of challenge through a relationship of trust between the Company and employees
    • The Group shall respect the mutual trust between management and labor and among employees.
    • The Group shall respect human rights, individual privacy, diverse values and individual characters.
    • The Group shall foster human resources and fairly treat employees.
    • The Group shall promote safety at workplaces and the health of employees.
    • The Group shall enhance communication to seek self-purifying effects in corporate ethics.
    • The Group shall enlighten employees on corporate ethics through in-house education programs.
  6. Strive to conserve the environment
    • The Group shall conduct business activities while keeping the global environment in mind.
    • The Group shall commit itself to realizing "minimum-impact" mills.
    • The Group shall reduce environmental burden by providing Eco Ring products that are manufactured from replanted trees, waste paper and environmentally friendly pulp.
    • The Group shall raise awareness of environmental conservation in the procurement, manufacturing, and marketing processes.

Established: April 1, 2006
Revised: October 1, 2009
Revised: March 27, 2012

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